Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Epic Journey

So, what exactly is my brother in law's idea?
Here is the backstory.  New Year's Eve, or there about, Scott and I were with David in Florida.  We were doing what we usually do at the beach house, sleeping, drinking Mimosas, that sort of thing.  Somewhere mid Mimosa I was on the computer, checking my Zapplication account, and considering shows to apply for in 2013.
And there was the Sausalito Arts Festival.  I applied last year, and didn't get in.  No biggie, it's a prestigious show, it's waaaay far away, and it's (gulp) expensive.  I was apparently making enough noise in the kitchen in front of the computer to attract David's attention.  He asked what I was doing and I told him about the show.  I applied last year, and didn't get in, but I didn't think I was going to apply this year.  Remember, expensive, and far away.
David said, and those of you who know David, "said" usually means yelled out loud.  David's volume adjustment is pretty much stuck at 11.  Anyway David said. "Apply!  If you get in, I'll rent a motorhome, and we'll all drive across the country!
I applied, I was accepted.
That's how we got to this point.
Now I could tell you all the plans that have been made to get to this point, but really, all that matters is I drove to Atlanta yesterday afternoon, and this is what I see.

Parked the wrong way on the street.  David sticks his head out and says, "This thing sure does have a lot of flex, you drive it down the road, it sways back and forth, and before you know it you're in someone else's lane!"  Add that to all the other David driving stories, "Hey, did I tell you about the time I almost flipped the dump truck, lost the trailer, went through that red light..." and you have the backstory.
David was just getting started loading display panels, art, and other assorted stuff.  Preparing the mothership as it were.  I pitched in, and I think we did pretty well.
There is also a huge storage space in the back of the rig accessible from the outside.  It is crammed full of artwork, so are some of the kitchen cupboards.  Frankly I'm just glad I wasn't stacking paintings in the shower, and that there is a shower.
You may be wondering where Scott is at this point.  Scott is on the sofa in the living room with the fourth member of the crew.  Mitzi.  Mitzi is a pug, who eats refrigerated dog food, and baby carrots.  Scott is on the sofa, mostly because his freshly radiated leg hurts like a bitch.  No other way of putting it.  Skin cancer sometimes goes beyond the little dabs of stuff that makes it fall off, and Scott's did.  The good news is the doctor is pretty sure there is healthy skin under all that charred blistered swollen mess.  Fingers crossed. Remember your sunscreen boys and girls.
So, motorhome loading resumes, we can see the priorities in these two shots...

The food to wine ratio does seem to be a little off for the next couple of weeks, I'll update you on that later.
Liftoff was originally scheduled for yesterday afternoon, it was postponed until early this morning.  Somebody said, let's just get up really early, like 4am, we can leave by 5, and it will be an easy drive to Dayton.  For those of you with a map, you'll know Dayton, OH isn't really on the way to Sausalito, CA from Atlanta, GA.  But that's for another time. 
My phone rang at 9:15 am.  They are on their way.  "Are you in Chattanooga yet?"
I was hedging my bets, that's only a couple hours from Atlanta, if they left on time, they should be well past Chattanooga.  "No, we are on I-75, but we are still in the perimeter.  Of Atlanta.
But they were both laughing.
Now where am I?  This is my show, my work, (not my idea.) We'll get to that, maybe tomorrow.  Until then, here is a pic of the happy crew, that day before liftoff.
Wondering what kind of artwork is riding around in the back of the motorhome?  Check out my blog


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