Friday, August 16, 2013

I don't think they have enough wine.

No photos with today's blog, you'll just have to close your eyes and imagine this all in Technicolor.

Yesterday's official departure was scheduled to be around 5 am, the boys did get out of Atlanta just shortly after 9, so it was close.  I checked in again when they we having lunch somewhere in TN, all sounded calm.  Scott says the motorhome drives a lot like our van.  Cool.

I heard from them again around 7, they were lost, but knew they were close to the campground.  They just knew it.  It was exactly the same scenario as the last time those two were travelling together with a specific destination in mind.  The MapQuest vs Garmin debate was on. 

Jennifer gave Scott and me a GPS, aka the Garmin, aka, asshole for Christmas three years ago.  (Note on asshole, I had to change the voice from female to male, because during moments of frequent recalculating, I felt guilty telling the bitch to shut up, so now it's asshole.  Don't ask me why, but it just feels better.)  So in the past three years, the Garmin has had us drive off the end of a road that didn't exist, once.  Dumped us in the 'hood in Gary, Indiana once.  And tried to get us to drive through a locked cemetery gate once.  Other than that, I'd say the other couple or three hundred destinations that we have arrived at have been pretty much as planned, or close enough.

But David had this trip all planned out via MapQuest, pages and pages of MapQuest maps, in addition to travel guides, paper maps, and Scott has one of our big Canada/US map books.  But the Garmin was telling them to head in a different direction.  So for what seems to be 2 hours, they refused to listen to the Garmin, and followed the original plan.  Turns out someone had the wrong address in the MapQuest.  They pulled into the first night's camping spot as the lights were being flipped off in the "Office."  Just after 9 pm.  But they got in.

So I was talking to them both around 10 last night, I can talk to them both because one cell phone in one motorhome with two yelling men is really all you need.  NASA should look into this.  In the 5 or so minutes I was on the phone they bumped into each other at least twice, Scott fell off the upper ledge (just a 6 inch drop) from the bedroom.  David was trying feverishly to get into a box of wine, and Mitzi (the pug) had taken to growling at David pretty much constantly.

The box of wine was finally breached, I did hear the suggestion that a knife would be faster.  But it was red wine that had been in the fridge all day, and white wine that had not.  Food, as far as I can tell has been pretty much fried chicken and pimento cheese sandwiches  since yesterday afternoon.

They did go to bed sometime.  Scott woke up freezing.  "I thought I was in a meat locker, I was sorta hoping I was in a meat locker."  The air conditioning was blasting, they still haven't figured out how to turn in down, or even off.  A trip to buy more bedding seems to be on the list.  But in any case, Scott woke, and had to use the bathroom.  Which means leaving the motorhome, because they haven't yet figured out how to get the toilet working.  David was in a deep sleep, hears Scott moving around and wakes up screaming.  Which scares Mitzi.  Who proceeds to pee on David's bed.

11 days until I join them on this trip.  11 days.

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