Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chilling in Big Rock

Things have fortunately settled down a bit for our two adventurers.  Some of the new challenges included the complex dance of pulling into toll booth after toll booth on I-65.  The dance involved not whacking the motorhome mirrors off when they pull into the toll booth, paying the toll booth cashier while Mitzi is biting the money, and the air, and whatever is between her and the toll booth cashier.  Some of the cashiers were apparently crazy enough to reach out and pet her.  As far as I can tell no one was harmed.

Scott and David arrived late last night in the metropolis of Big Rock, Illinois.  And Scott had a vodka and tonic in his hand within moments of arrival.  The motorhome will stay parked at the fire station/ home/ studio of ceramic artist Michael Barnes for a couple of days.  (Click on Michael's name to go to his web site and see his beautiful work.)  David will be hopping on a train to head into Chicago this afternoon.  Scott has decided to stay back at the ranch, and get a little work done on a commission.  Hopefully they will both go in tomorrow as David has tickets for the Comedy Club and other cool things.

As far as creature comforts, the motorhome has been connected to water and electricity, and I've heard rumors of hot and cold running water.  Scott was just about to get in the shower when we last talked.  He seems happy to be settled for the afternoon, saying, "I think I'll go out and shoot holes in all the tires, just so we can't go anywhere, I'll come home when it gets cold."

Some have asked for a photo of Mitzi, just for reference...

This is Mitzi

This is not Mitzi.  But I think she would appreciate the additions to her wardrobe.

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  1. Looking good Mitzi! Have a great time in Chicago!!!!

    Joe and Janet