Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just another day.

Yesterday's plan of arriving at camp before dark, and before the office closed was foiled yet again.  I called at about 9:30 to see if they were set up for the night.  They had just pulled in, it was dark, there was no one in the office, and they were looking for the wine glasses.  Not those wine glasses, the big ones.  The BIG ones!

Speaking of wine, sometime yesterday afternoon Scott decided it was time for a glass of wine.  He went to the fridge, poured the wine, and carried it back to the cab.  (This may be incriminating evidence here, shhhh.)  David was driving and flapping his arms and pointing, and carrying on as only David can do.  Of course he hit the glass of wine out of Scott's hand, anyone could see that coming.  Scott said, no one said a thing.  Wine flew all over the cab, and both of them, Scott picked up the glass, and went and got more wine.

Please baby jesus, don't let these two get pulled over.

Other things that may involve the not refunding the damage deposit include the first use of duct tape.  Duct tape now holds a window screen in.  Apparently, if you drive down the interstate with the windows open, the screens will blow in.  And whatever was holding them in before has ceased to function.  Hence duct tape.  I just hope that motorhome doesn't look like some creepy wrinkly version of an airstream when they have the whole thing covered in duct tape.

Yesterday's trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's house was a success, they both enjoyed the tour.  Today they are heading towards the Crazy Horse Memorial.  Here is the link.  David sent me the driving directions from where they slept last night.  Which was Great River Bluffs State Park in Minnesota.  662 miles, 9 hours and 45 minutes. 

I know I heard the words, taking it easy, no driving after dark, set up camp in the afternoon, when the original spark of a thought was whirling around David's head.  After all, this was his idea.

On a positive note, eggs were boiled this morning.  On the gas stove.  No one caught on fire.  But they are currently looking for a restaurant, for breakfast.

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